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Acid King (USA)

Legendary pioneers of Doom Rock Acid King from San Francisco, California was formed in 1993 by frontwoman Lori S., drummer Joey Osbourne and bassist Peter Lucas. Acid King have since recorded three studio albums which influenced a whole new generation of Doom bands. New full length Album is coming in spring 2015.Territory: Europe

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Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovel (UK)

The closest I can get to describing hearing Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell‘s music for the first time is that it was akin to the aural equivalent of stumbling into an 18 year-old male’s bedsit in 1973.
Status Quo, Budgie and Black Sabbath albums are piled on top of the hi-fi; torn centrefolds from Playbirds and Whitehouse are Sellotaped to the walls; Richard Allen’s Suedehead, William Burroughs’ Junkie and Francis King’s Sexuality, Magic & Perversion tumble from the window sill; crushed Courage Light Ale cans and Players No 6 packets form a tower in the corner; filthy, tight-fitting T-shirts and patched-up denim bell bottoms are strewn all over the floor. And there, in the centre, like a Biblical king surveying his domain, is the music lover – a stick-thin, back street Jesus, engrossed in the rolling of his last spliff, flowing hair all but obscuring his chops, the opening bars of The Groundhogs’ ‘Cherry Red’ blowing from the speakers around him like a sucker-punch from Heaven.
Territory: Europe

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Ancestors (USA)

Formed in 2006, Los Angeles' Ancestors create mighty, modern music that dovetails innovative arrangement, crushing primordial riff interplay and melodic instrumental passages with textural atmospherics. With both thunderous roar and expansive communiqué, Ancestors are proving to be a quickly-emerging force of musical power and creativity. Ancestors return in June 2011 with a follow-up to their critically acclaimed sophomore album Of Sound Mind with an EP entitled Invisible White on Tee Pee Records.

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Beastmaker (USA)

“In a world of pop music we are freaks. We do everything completely opposite of what the current formula of doing things is. We recorded and produced everything ourselves with no outside influences. We play a style of music that is underground. We are all freaks of nature.” So proclaims Beastmaker singer, guitarist and mastermind Trevor William Church.  Hence the title of Beastmaker’s debut: Lusus Naturae, or Freak Of Nature. “When you think differently and do things unconventionally, you are an outsider,” he ventures. “We wanted to bring a natural essence back into music the best way we could in a digital world.” 
Territory: Europe

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Bl’ast! (USA)

BL’AST! – A potted history…
Having formed in 1982, the highly influential Santa Cruz hardcore legend: BL’AST! released their first album, The Power of Expression in 1985. This debut album completely blew everyone away and went on to become one of the highly sought after, “must- have” hardcore albums from the 80s’.
BL’AST! were beyond intense, continually pushing the boundaries of hardcore with their advanced musicianship, unstoppable energic delivery and explosive live performances. This overwhelming power caught the attention of SST records, who released the band’s second album, It’s In My Blood in 1987. Their third album Take The Manic Ride, was then released in 1989.
BL’AST!‘s wide-eyed, ambitious approach and intense perserverance became an influence for many bands to come. Shortly after the release of Take The Manic Ride the band broke up and their story was buried by time and dust….UNTIL NOW!
Together with BLAG FLAG they founded the US Westcoast Hardcore Scene in the 80's..! Now the legend returns in 2016 as All Star Band. Feat org. Singer Clifford Dinsmore, org. Guitarplayer Mike Neider, Nick Oliveri (QOTSA, KYUSS, MONDO GENERATOR) on bass and last but not least legendary drummer Joey Castillo (DANZIG, QOTSA, EAGLES OF DEATHMETAL, etc) will complete the line up for upcoming BL'AST! Tour...!
The last BL'AST! Album 'BLOOD!' - Southern Lord is been produced and mixed by Dave Grohl (FOO FIGHTERS, QOTSA, NIRVANA, PROBOT, etc..). They unleashed their new EP 'For Those Who've Graced the Fire!,' featuring Dave Grohl and Black Flag's Chuck Dukowski and new full lenght Album is been on shedule for February 2016..!
Avails: European Festival- / Clubshows in 2016
Live Line Up:
Cliff Dinsmore / org singer BL'AST! - Vocals
Mike Neider / org guitar BL'AST! - Guitar
Territory: Europe

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Blood Farmers (USA)

Back in the mid-90's, the Blood Farmers were the most mysterious heavy Doom band on Hellhound Records. They were great fans of exploitation movies, especially all that blood-drenched and psychotic stuff. Their debut album, released in 1995, included a cover-artwork which had been taken from "Deranged", one of the best movies about the character and madness of Ed Gein, while the back cover shows a tasteful and eerie band photo. Formed in 1989, strongly influenced from Black Sabbath, they had also added other early 70's influences to their heavy sound and the "thanks-list" in the self-titled Hellhound debut, is a who-is-who of all great heavy 70's underground bands like Sir Lord Baltimore, Bang, T2, Tear Gas and so on. Surely, they also had listen to a lot of early-80's British Metal and so they combined both styles in a striking heavy pounding way. Territory: Europe

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Blood of the Sun (USA)

Drawing on inspiration from classic heavy bands like Deep Purple, Grand Funk and Humble Pie, the band continued to spread their heavy rock sound in the heat soaked regions of Texas and quickly all over to Europe! In 2011 Blood of the Sun continue to dominate on the live front and plans for a new release by years end will keep this band in everyone's ears for a long time! Territory: Europe

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Carlos Martinez’  THE ROCK ‘N’ ROLL WRESTLING BASH 2014 (USA / MEX)

The One and Only Original ROCK 'N' ROLL WRESTLING BASH is back...!!!
Feat. Joe Legend (ex WWE, ex TNA and still NWA World Tag Team Champion) + div. Lucha Libre Wrestling Pro's + EL BRUJO'S GORE ORCHESTER...!!
Period in 2014: Friday / Saturdays from August - Dezember 2014
Territory: Europe

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Conceived in Pittsburgh in early 2010, CAROUSEL’s music incorporates many elements, most notably the harmonized guitar lines of Thin Lizzy, the bombast of Mountain, and the rhythmic propulsion of Diamond Head and Motorhead.
CAROUSEL’s steady grasp of late ’70s / early ’80s heavy metal riff-rock blends their timeless hooks, their immensely powerful solos into twin leads and pure classic metal glory. With Wheeler’s gruff and melodic vocals, and drums that bash the sides of your head in into one fiery cauldron, CAROUSEL will leave you not caring you were just beat up!
Since the 2012 self-release of the “Tears of Stone 12", CAROUSEL has released two full length albums on Tee Pee Records: 2013's Jeweler's Daughter and their most recent effort 2113.
European tour around their upcoming appearance at Roadburn Festival and Desertfest UK, in support of Elder. Spring 2016.

Dave Wheeler: Guitar/Vocals
John Dziuban: Guitar

Jim Wilson: Bass

Justin Sherrell: Drums
Territory: Europe

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Cherry Poppin’ Daddies (USA)

The Cherry Poppin' Daddies set a bench mark with their multi platin record "Zoor Suit Riot" in the Neo Swing/ Rockabilly history. Now after years of their break, TCPD are still playing an intentionally iconoclastic combination of punk, jazz, swing, funk and ska set to physical and flamboyant stage shows. Territory: Europe

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Child (AUS)

Formed in the rock n roll underground of Melbourne, Australia in 2012, Child have captured the attention of blues – heavy rock enthusiast’s from all corners of the globe.
Their self titled debut release is a look through the pinhole at a bands honest and unhindered purge of expression. Drawing influence from an ever growing, ever evolving sonic palette; You will find Child’s roots tightly entwined in and around the Blues whilst taking a heavier and more visceral approach. The group take pride in upholding the strong tradition of Australian rock that preceded them which gave birth to likes of AC/DC, The Easybeats, Rose Tattoo, Billy Thorpe and the Aztecs and Masters Apprentices to name a few.
Child are honoured to fly the flag and will leave no crack unfilled as they spread their brand of heavy psych blues across the earth. All that can be said is great things are on the horizon for this trio.
Territory: Europe

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Church of Misery (JAP)

Brutally Heavy Doom Monster from Japan's finest. BE WARNED - this is not music for wimps! New Album: CHURCH OF MISERY - Thy Kingdom Scum available NOW...!

Exclusive Album Trailer:
Territory: Europe

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Corrosion Of Conformity - C.O.C. (USA)

Founded by three teenagers in Raleigh, North Carolina in 1982, Corrosion of Conformity began as an underground band and went on to transform heavy music, challenging boundaries and serving as what Decibel Magazine called “a crucial stylistic lynchpin in the bridge between metal and punk” that “irrevocably reshaped crossover’s sonic possibilities.”
Thirty years and many changes later, COC’s original trio is back with a self-titled release for London-based independent Candlelight Records.
“Corrosion of Conformity isn’t a comeback album or an example of diminishing returns,” Invisible Oranges observed. “It’s a testament to immense talent and the elusive endowment of staying power.”

Territory: Europe

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Cough (USA)

Richmond’s COUGH delivers thoroughly massive, psychedelic doom on their aptly titled Relapse debut ‘Ritual Abuse’. The albums five epic tracks are impenetrable walls of sludge; at points suffocating and claustrophobic, at others warped and hallucinogenic. ‘Ritual Abuse’ is an impressive monolith of sound and volume, and one of the finest moments yet of 21st century doom.
Territory: Europe

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Death Row (USA)

There are only a few guitarists that have left their mark on the history of Black Sabbath-esque heavy music. One of them is Victor Griffin, who started his career in the late 1970's. His unmistakable guitar sound and his abilities as a strong songwriter form the basis for his first band DEATH ROW. At the very beginning, the group paid homage to Black Sabbath with a couple of cover songs, but Griffin quickly realized that he wanted to write his own material.The results are a lot of tracks that have long since become classics under the name of PENTAGRAM. Fortunately in 2009, Victor Griffin teamed up with bassist Martin Swaney and drummer Joe Hasselvander to reunite DEATH ROW for the second time after almost ten years.Territory: Europe

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Dixie Witch (USA)

Dixie Witch is a Texas based hard rock power trio formed by guitarist Clayton Mills, drummer/vocalist Trinidad Leal, and bassist/vocalist Curt Christensen in the fall of 1999. Dixie Witch toured the US heavily from 2001 through 2006 and in Europe in 2008. The band was a regular act at the Emissions from the Monolith festival, performed at the Roadburn Festival in 2008. Territory: Europe

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El Caco (NOR)

With 15 years of experience and a clenched fist, El Caco’s (Spanish: thief) latest album simply titled ’7’ hits the streets. The band, which has remained a trio since their beginning in 1998, has released almost a full shelf of records, with exponentially more successful results each time. They’ve got well over 70 songs on their repertoire, but restless as they are, another full album comes along.
El Caco’s last release ’Hatred, Love & Diagrams’ scored great reviews from critics both outside and inside Norway. A very frequent comment regards the band’s capability to stir up some old rock tricks to a new delicious soup of fresh and modern expressions, which we definitely can experience in their new album.
About ’7’ the group can confidently share that ’this is a record that will take you through an eclectic landscape and draw out a hunger in you never felt before’ - a statement that matches the albums constating and crisp aesthetics.
On this album, El Caco has whipped a creamy cream of both rock & roll, grunge, and stoner rock in a manner worthy of the El Caco’s only. As the band name states, they consistently steal from a good mix of the rock’s essential elements and molds them together to a conglomerate of hyper-sleazy riffs, cowbells (shovels actually), distorted bass and a voice with an outstanding animus.
Territory: Europe outside of Norway

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Elder (USA)

Elder is an sonic interpretation of the forces that surround us - the pounding waves of ancient seas, the weight of stone colossi rising up from the earth, the endlessness of inflamed, majestic skies. Equal parts hypnotic rhythm, uncompromising heaviness, and soaring melody.
Territory: Europe

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Eternal Elysium (JAP)

Eternal Elysium is Heavy Rock band deeply influenced by ’70s Heavy Rock bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Grand Funk Railroad and also Doom Rock. Yukito was inspired by early '80s Doomstars, Trouble, Saint Vitus and of course the Stoner Rock scene. Heavy sound, Psychedelic, Blues, Funk, Noise ... Eternal Elysium don't wanna be a typical Doom/Stoner band and accept a lot of music styles.Territory: Europe

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EyeHateGod (USA)

New Orleans’ infamous EYEHATEGOD will release their first studio full length album in over 13 years through a partnership with Century Media Records for the world outside of North American and Japan. Housecore Records will be releasing the album in North America while Daymare Recordings will handle it in Japan. The self-titled album will be in stores on May 26th, 2014.
The recording process for the new album started with producer Billy Anderson back in the fold (he recorded 1996’s Dopesick). Anderson tracked drummer Joey LaCaze’s tracks prior to LaCaze’s tragic passing last year. A few months later the band reconvened at longtime friend Phil Anselmo’s home studio with producer Stephen Berrigan (Down) to finalize the recording. Mixed by Sanford Parker (Voivod, Corrections House), the album was entirely put together and financed by the band who later shopped it around to labels. With long last friendships with many of the CM European staff, they felt this was the best home for them.

"I have to say I don't believe we've lost nary a step in the creation of this album and we think these newer songs are a killer combination of classic EHG mixed along with our best production, mixing, engineering and songwriting in 13 years." front man Mike IX mentions. "The main and total tragic break in the chain, was obviously last year's death of our great friend and drummer Joey Lacaze. However, his original drum tracks made it onto the final master recordings and we're fucking psyched about that..."
Territory: Europe

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Helldorado (NOR)

Helldorado is back! Bones In The Closet / Lost Highway Motel is first release from the band since the Sinful Soul album in 2009. A new album will be released in the winter 2012 / 2013. The relase will be backed by a tour of both Norway and Europe. The new album is vintage Helldorado: It oozes of sorrow, sin, sex and pain. The band evokes the sensation of a burning sun on your neck, crunched sand between your teeth, a salty taste on your lips, a shaky finger on the trigger of a Colt 45, circling vultures silhouetted against a blue-white sky, a double whiskey on an empty stomach and the smell of bacon, beans, gunpowder, leather & sweat.
There is strong tradition of combining blues, country, rock and hardboiled crime. Murder, prison, crime, confession, remorse and punishment runs like a dark stream through the music of Johnny Cash, Tom Waits, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave and Stan Ridgeway among others. Helldorado brings this tradition into the new century.
Territiory: Europe, except Norway

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Hull (USA)

Known to behold vast sound expanses, HULL maximizes harmony and tone within one monstrous palate. Upon your brow, focus, as a furious whip of intermingling guitars propel you through the atmosphere as a low pulse resonates through your entire being while the pounding drums blanket all chasms of reality. Find yourself immersed in a musical tide as it is played out before your ears beyond the lightless sky.
Confirmed for Roadburn 2014
Territory: Europe

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Jex Thoth (USA)

Beginning as Totem in 2007 the band changed its name to Jex Thoth in 2008. Behind Jex Thoth’s fog of fuzz stand meticulously crafted, ear warming, fist pumping tunes guided by the immensley powerful voice of its visionary namesake. Alchemical doom is imminent. New album out April 2015, extended european tour to follow. Territory: Europe

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John Garcia (USA)

If Rock’n’Roll is personified by the Stones and Pop music by the Beatles, then Stoner was born with Kyuss.
From the heavy, suffocating, arid Coachella Valley and the mystic Californian Desert around, came this legendary band 25 years ago - reaching definitive cult status they do deserve worldwide ever since - before their three genre-defining masterpieces Blues For The Red Sun, Welcome To Sky Valley, as well as ...And The Circus Leaves Town until their split in 1995.
After sharing a dream-come-true experience with fans in major festivals and great venues around the world fronting Kyuss Lives, legendary singer and frontman JOHN GARCIA recorded a follow-up to his legacy as Vista Chino with this critically acclaimed Peace LP. Next chapter, a long awaited intimate project: The upcoming and hotly anticipated solo album of John Garcia - a masterpiece by the most distinctive voice of the entire Desert & Stoner Rock scene - to be released worldwide in July & early August of 2014 on Napalm Records!
This record is full of first-class, catchy rock numbers that commute equally between Classic Rock and concise Stoner elements. John Garcia has delivered a multi-faceted and extremely intense solo album that will stir up more dust than a sandstorm in the Californian desert. Robby Krieger ( THE DOORS ), Danko Jones, Tom Brayton, Mark Diamond and also Garcia's old cohort in Kyuss Nick Oliveri show up as guest musicians to round out John's solo masterpiece.

To celebrate his new release, John Garcia will hit the stages for an extense European tour, not only presenting his solo record live, but also playing past and present: From legendary KYUSS songs off Sky Valley, Blues for the Red Sun, ...And The Circus Leaves Town - including some rarities even Kyuss never played live - to Slo Burn, this tour will be a highlight and resumé of legendary tunes, that John Garcia has created in his career.
Territory: Europe

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Lucifer (GER / UK)

Berlin/London based heavy doom rock band, LUCIFER, look to release their second full lenght album and available from now on for Festivals and Clubshows in complete Europe..!
Territory: Europe

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Mondo Drag (USA)

Under the spiritual guidance of the forefathers of heavy psych, prog, and proto-metal, Mondo Drag has created an amalgamation of sounds the likes of which have not resounded through the atmosphere for decades. The bands unique sound, and rare cohesion probably stem from the fact that core members John Gamino, Nolan Girard, and Jake Sheley actually grew up within a one mile radius from each other, attended the same schools, were a part of the same scene, and have played music with each other for 15 years.
The band’s stellar live performances have become a thing of wonder and have seen the band share stages with contemporary artists such as Nik Turner's Hawkwind, Kadavar, Dead Meadow, Witchcraft, Pentagram, Black Mountain, Wooden Shjips, and The Black Keys to name a few.
The release of New Rituals (Alive Records), saw the band touring the US extensively, appearing at many high-profile fests around the country including several official showcases at SXSW (and a dozen more unofficial ones) and headlining slots at both the Chicago Pysch Fest and the Cincy Psych Fest. You can also find them on the Austin Psych Fest 3 DVD (w/ The Black Angels, The Warlocks, Warpaint, et al.).
The band caravanned across the country last year, settling in Oakland, CA. They will be releasing their 2nd LP on January 16th, 2015 on Kozmik Artifactz, which features the rhythm section of fast-rising Swedish-American rock band Blues Pills (Nuclear Blast).
Territory: Europe

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Mos Generator (USA)

Mos Generator really can't be cornered into any specific genre, or, as their latest album exhibits, even a specific era. They are self-professed "seventies rock preservationists" with the sound of a Black Sabbath Rush crossed with a Deep Zepplin Floyd, yet sometimes they sing of a prophetic time period, seemingly light years away. Territory: Europe

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Mustasch (SWE)

Recently Mustasch have been working on their new album and only left the studio to play at some of the biggest Metal festivals all over Europe this summer. They filled in for Motörhead at the Metaltown (SWE) and Ilosaarirock (FIN) festivals and played Wacken, Summer Breeze, Rock Hard Festival, Hellfest (F), Metaldays (SLO), Motocultor (F) and many more. The new album titled Thank You For The Demon will be released in January 2014 by GAIN/SONY. On November 20th 2013 the first single will kick of Mustasch’s Thank You For The Demon Europe Tour 2013. Mustasch’s track record includes seven albums, a huge hit with ”Double Nature”, sold-out tours of Scandinavia, opening- and headline tours with Motörhead, Gluecifer, Volbeat and cult-band Rose Tattoo in Europe, four Swedish Grammy Nominations and two Grammy Awards for ”Metal Album of the Year”. They appeared on German TV at EMP Rockinvasion, WDR Rockpalast and Tape.TV Tapeover, and emblaze the cover of the Stetson Rocks spring catalogue. Mustasch will be touring all of Europe in Fall 2013 and Spring 2014
Territory: Europe (except Scandinavia) in cooperation with EAT MUSIC

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Nick Oliveri (USA)

Mastermind of the original Queens of the Stone Age. Besides his band Mondo Generator Nick Oliveri is also a solo artist and frequent contributor to his friends' albums and tours, including Mark Lanegan Band, Masters of Reality, Turbonegro, Moistboyz aka Dickie Moist and the O.T.C. and The Knives. Watch out for this mad man unplugged on stage! Territory: Europe

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Orange Goblin (UK)

Orange Goblin triumphantly continue to uphold the traditions of great British heavy rock and metal. Having returned to the public eye with their latest album, the Orange Goblin express train just keeps on gathering speed and the band are now considered pioneers in their field alongside the likes of Monster Magnet, Kyuss, Fu Manchu, Clutch and Corrosion of Conformity. On fire? Driven? Too right! Never has a band sounded so charged up. Saddle up, crack open a cold one and throw the horns for Orange Goblin! Territory: Europe except of UK

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Pawnshop (NOR)

"It's refreshing to know that there are groups like Pawnshop out there getting back to basics and pounding out mean, fuzzball rock'n'roll. Pawnshop does what Fu Manchu, Nebula and Hellacopters have made popular, and they do it well. Whatever the future brings, there will always be a need for this kind of kick-arse rock" says the Kerrang! Magazine. Territory: Europe

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Pentagram (USA)

"PENTAGRAM is extremely excited about our upcoming tours in the US and Europe this spring, summer and fall. We all are itching to perform some of our songs off of our new album "Curious Volume" for you. We feel that they fit well within the other heavy numbers from the bands near 45 year history. Of course, the set is packed with the classics you know and love and ones that you may not even expect. Bring your earplugs, we are going to blow off the roof with our curious volume!" - Bobby Liebling "How STACKED is this bill? Rock n Roll is DOOMED,ticket links coming today" Territory: complete Europe / UK

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Pet The Preacher (DK)

PET THE PREACHER proves that the might of the riff is not a thing of the past. "The Cave & the Sunlight" offers hand-made and gripping Heavy Stoner Rock of the highest level. The Danes deliver the right amount of sing-along refrains, Blues parts, catchy melodies and brilliant grooves – thus, turning songs like "Kamikaze Knight" or "Remains" into true hymns. Push play and rock out!
PTP has toured complete Europe more than one time. In November 2012 they supported exclusive PENTAGRAM on their Scandinavian dates, as well as 2013 they played co-headline tour with ELDER, Roadburn Festival 2013. Touring also in 2013 with ACID KING, EYEHATEGOD, etc. and performed festivals like Metaldays, Days Of Ceremony, SFTU Festival and many more..etc.
It is all about the music and this band lives for what they do.
Territory: Europe

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Place of Skulls (USA)

Formed in early 2000 by Doom guitarist Victor Griffin, bassist Lee Abney, & drummer Tim Tomasell, Place of Skulls (a biblical reference to Golgotha) carries the torch of prior Griffin & Abney bands such as Death Row and Pentagram in the ever-burgeoning underground scene of doom metal. Place of Skulls opens the door of accessibility to a whole other cross section of heavy rock enthusiast. But by no means should this be taken lightly. Their sound is as crushing live as ever and no less threatening in volume.
Territory: Europe

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Purified In Blood (NOR)

Two years after releasing «Under Black Skies», Purified in Blood is now ready to unleash yet another monster; «Flight Of A Dying Sun». This time around the album will be released via the infamous Indie Recordings. The band is excited to be a part of the Indie family.
Their previous album «Under Black Skies» got overwhelming critics and the band is widely known to deliver the goods live as well. If there’s one thing Purified in Blood looks forward to, it’s touring with these new, crushing songs. Destroying city after city with Norwegian metal.
Taking their sound to a new level, the band is very pleased with the outcome of this new recording. They have a newfound intensity inspired by their early days. Mixing the hard with the groovy this album has the variety listeners will find interesting and heavy. «Flight Of A Dying Sun» is recorded and produced by Danish juggernaut Jacob Bredahl and mixed and mastered by the metal legend Tue Madsen; the heaviest combo known to man.
”This is the missing link between «Reaper of Souls» and «Under Black Skies»”, says singer Hallgeir S. Enoksen. Their first album is known for its rawness and intensity. «Reaper of Souls» were also recorded by Jacob Bredahl back in 2006 and they always talked about recording with him again after that. Now it was time. The second album has more of an organic sound. «Flight Of A Dying Sun» is the two combined in one hell of an album.
This time around the bands second singer Glenn Reaper is out and Hallgeir faced a new challenge being one vocalist. A challenge he has been nailing the past one and a half year with no problems what so ever. His voice range has developed a lot the past year singing alone and he takes on the task with no remorse, no repent.
Glenn Reaper is still doing a guest appearance on the power anthem Iron Hands. Alongside with Glenn, Erlend Hjelvik from the brother band Kvelertak appears on the album’s first single and only Norwegian song; Mot Grav. Other guest appearances on the album are Kjetil Møster (Datarock, Ultralyd, Møster) on saxophone, Ådne Sæverud on organ and Jens Borge (Skadne Krek) on double bass. Last but certainly not least they have Siberian throat singer Albert Kuvezin on board to start the whole album with his voice of war.
Needless to say «Flight Of A Dying Sun» will leave a mark in the year 2012. There is enough heaviness and groove on the album to crush mountains.
«Flight Of A Dying Sun» is out on Indie Recordings!
Produced by Jacob Bredahl. Mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen.
Under Den Svarte Himmel
Territory: Europe

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Roadsaw (USA)

There are scores of bands out there claiming to have the status of "legend" but only a few really meet the definition. Boston's Roadsaw is among that elite. Formed in the mid-'90's by Craig Riggs and Tim Catz, they raised the bar for riff loving hard rock, proving that the West Coast didn't have a lock on what most considered "stoner rock." This is the culmination of every great riff, of every memorable melody. This is the "fuck you" attitude that defines rock n’ roll. This is Roadsaw. Territory: Europe

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Sate (CAN)

Ontario / Canadas hottes Soul Punk Explosion new on VIBRA-AGENCY Booking Roster...!!!
Territory: Europe

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Spirit Caravan (USA)

The Legend is Back...!
Spirit Caravan's Scott "Wino" Weinrich's guitar tone evinces the slow burning wisdom derived from many decades of hard living and touring in the underground music community.
Feat orgn line up:
Territory: Europe

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Steak (UK)

'It should come as no surprise that Steak’s thudding, heavy-as-balls desert rock is decidedly meaty'. - Metal Hammer
'Steak thunders down the road like Genghis Khan on beer run'. - Stoner Hive
'It will demand your full attention like a whip-wielding, PVC-clad dominatrix from Hackney'. Dan Grigg
'The new EP makes me wish I had tits so I could stay at home and play with them all day whilst listening to it'. - Ben Horsley
Territory: Europe

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Suma (SWE)

Hailing from Malmö, Sweden - SUMA is a ultra-megaton Doom / Noise / Sludge outfit that has been ploughing through the European landscapes for the past eight years, spreading the "plague of the heavy" and converting many diverse music fans with it's progressive, hallucinatory metal. Formed in 2001, the band's music is made by combining crushing instrumentation, phantasmal vocals and blistered samp...les into "a high volume WALL of noise".Territory: Europe

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The Carburetors (NOR)

"Shout It Out, Shout It Out, Rock 'n' Roll Forever!" Is anyone really qualified to begin their new album with such a bold protest? Sure! Provided that they stand by the exclamation with 110% dedication and don’t become one of the many faceless dudes who only copy what has gone before without being fulThe Carburetors can be sure that they do not fall into this category and instead are set to become one of the most rocking bands from Norway! Territory: Europe, except GAS

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The Gates of Slumber (USA)

R.I.P. Jason McCash

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The Obsessed (USA)

The long awaited THE OBSESSED Reunion....!!!!!!!!
More Infos and Available Dates coming soon....!!!!!!!
Territory: Europe

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The Order Of Israfel (SWE)

When Tom Sutton left the doom band Church of Misery it was to realize its long-established grand vision of an epic doom bands.
To accomplish this, he moved to Sweden and got together with Patrik Andersson Winberg, ex DoomDogs, Hans Lilja, ex Lotus (who for a period had Brian Robertson, Thin Lizzy, as guitarist) and Staffan Björk from the band Wildebeest. Together with his and the band's Doom and Heavy Metal influences, folk tunes, twinguitars and feel of old horror movies create dark divine music The band released August 21-14 their debut album "Wisdom" on the respected company Napalm Records!
The response has been fantastic throughout Europe with lots of reviews, average 8 / 10, interviews and many has this album as 2014 best album in Doom, hard rock, metal! The video for the title track has over 150 000 views.
2 EU tours has taken place since the release a 19 gigs long tour with Lonely Kamel reached Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, France, England, Scotland, Denmark and Sweden / Gothenburg. One took the band to Belgium, Germany and Austria anf this time they supported Pentagram from US.
They have played festivals like Swedenrock festival, Desertfest London, Gothenburg Sound festival and Heavy days in Doomtown in Copenhagen. Coming up this fall is a new tour as suportact to Pentagram and they will also play Hammer of Doom festival in November.
Territory: Europe

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Tombstones (NOR)

Tombstones has taken up on their Norse heritage, evolving from their previous stoner-influenced sound, now descending into the dark side of the gloom. “Vargariis” finds the band leaning towards the bleak and desperate, assaulting the listener with their blackened, thunderous wall of fuzz and despair.
Tours in support of "Vargariis" for 2016 are in the works.
Territory: Europe

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Troubled Horse (SWE)

Troubled Horse is a hotly-tipped heavy garage rock band from Orebro, Sweden. A town that bought us a second wave of vitally cool hard rock bands such as Witchcraft and Graveyard. Ironically Troubled Horse features three members of the original Witchraft line-up, one of which (bassist Ola Henriksson) is still a current member. Lead guitarist John Hoyles parted ways from Witchcraft a few years ago to concentrate on his other band, Spiders, and these frantic rockers Troubled Horse, of course.
Press: : Album of the month
Rock Hard: Soundcheck at Number 4
Sweden Rock Magazine: Soundcheck at Number 1...!!!
Territory: Europe (except Scandinavia)

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Unida (USA)

Upon the dissolution of Kyuss and Slo Burn, the voice of the Californian sands John Garcia (vocals) hooked up with Dave Dinsmore (bass), Arthur Seay (guitar) and Miguel Cancino (drums) to add their biker punk-metal rhythms to his unmistakable, paint-stripping bluesy grooves behind the mic. Despite huge early promise, a glorious debut album in 1999’s ‘Coping with the Urban Coyote’, a storming split with Swedes Dozer and a follow-up record due with American Recordings in 2001, the band stalled and sank back behind the cacti’ shadows. The long-awaited second album, reportedly entitled ‘The Great Divide’, was never released; Dinsmore left the band to be replaced initially by Scott Reeder and then later Eddie Plascencia whilst Garcia concentrated more exclusively on his new band Hermano and some solo work. Unida was certainly left in-need-a’ something... until now!
Territory: Europe

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Valient Thorr (USA)

"Valient Thorr WAS a band from inside of the planet Venus that came to Earth, unstuck in time, captured by circumstances beyond their control and forced to make due with the best technology at hand, spreading positive vibes the world over in hopes of smashing doubt and fear with enlightenment through Rocknroll. Valient Thorr IS now a movement of groups of men and women (Thorriors) who spread that same cheer and PMA by gathering, sharing, bbqing, partying, rocking, and believing in truth through wild blasts of pure energy bursting at the seams with dueling guitar riffs, hammering drums, thundering bass, and the howling knowledge of some wild looking madmen. And with that charming wit and marvelous personality, Valient Thorr has hashed out a back catalogue of no less than 5 sacred tomes, and various singles and videos. In this first year of Earth's new beginning, Valient Thorr have begun recording a new album in Athens, Georgia with Kyle Spence (Harvey Milk) that will see the light of day in the summer. Two Thorrsand 16 is going to be big." Territory: Europe

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Victor Griffin’s In Graved (USA)

There are only a few guitarists that have left their mark on the history of Black Sabbath-esque heavy music. One of them is Victor Griffin, who started his career in the late 1970's.
Now in 2013 Pentagram riff master Victor Griffin perfroms his solo live apprearance in April 2013 with this Live Line Up:
Victor Griffin (Pentagram, Cathedral, Place of Skulls, Death Row)
Guy Pinhas (The Obsessed, Acid King)
Pete Campbell (60 Watt Shaman, Mighty Nimbus, Place Of Skulls)
Jeff 'Oly' Olson (Orgn. founding member of TROUBLE)
VICTOR GRIFFIN'S IN-GRAVED will be released on the 22nd March 2013 through SVART Records in Europe.
Territory: Europe

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Wino (USA)

Weinrich's musical career started out at Thomas Sprigg Wootton High school in Rockville, MD when he started his first band, War Horse. He went on to form The Obsessed in the late 70s. This version of The Obsessed would release a 7" entitled Sodden Jackal in 1983 on Invictus Records and have a track featured on Metal Blade Records's Metal Massacre VI. They also recorded an album entitled "Live at the Wax Museum" in 1982. In the mid 80s he disbanded The Obsessed and moved to California to sing for Saint Vitus. During this time Weinrich also anonymously played bass for The Mentors and filled in on vocals for L.A. hard rock outfit Lost Breed. In Vitus he covered vocal duties as well as additional guitar work on some tracks. Vitus put out three studio albums: Born Too Late (1987), Mournful Cries (1988) and V (1990), a live album (Live (1990)), and the Thirsty and Miserable EP (1987) with Weinrich. After Vitus signed to Hellhound Records, Hellhound put out The Obsessed (1990), a collection of archived Obsessed recordings. This prompted Weinrich to leave Vitus and reform The Obsessed (in between a stint with Maryland's Lost Breed), who now had a record deal with Hellhound Records. This incarnation of The Obsessed released some 7"s and two more albums: Lunar Womb (1991) and The Church Within (1994) (the latter was picked up by Columbia Records) before calling it quits in 1994. They also released a documentary video that year. Weinrich then formed Shine which released a single 7" with two songs. The band later became Spirit Caravan with ex-Wretched (another Hellhound act) vocalist Dave Sherman on bass. Spirit Caravan put out two albums Jug Fulla Sun (1999) and Elusive Truth (2001) and the Dreamwheel EP (1999) before disbanding in 2002. Weinrich joined ex-Pentagram guitarist Victor Griffin in his outfit, Place of Skulls, for one album, With Vision (2003) before leaving to start his most recent band, The Hidden Hand. The Hidden Hand released a 7", three studio albums, one DVD/CDEP, and a split 12" with Wooly Mammoth before he disbanded the group in August 2007. He's currently a member of a new project called Shrinebuilder featuring Al Cisneros (Om and Sleep), Scott Kelly of Neurosis and Dale Crover (Melvins and Altamont) and during 2008 recorded an album of solo material entitled Punctuated Equilibrium featuring Jean-Paul Gaster of Clutch (drums) and Jon Blank of Rezin (bass guitar), which was released in January 2009 on Southern Lord records.
Weinrich contributed vocals and guitars on the track "The Emerald Law" for Dave Grohl's project, Probot. He can be seen playing guitar in the Probot video for "Shake Your Blood," which features Lemmy on bass and vocals. He has also collaborated with ex-Death SS guitarist Paul Chain for some of his solo work. Weinrich was also the frontman for Lost Breed for a short time, a collection of recordings of this line-up has since been released, titled 'Wino Daze'. Weinrich worked with Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler, Sabbath drummer Bill Ward, Fight guitarist Brian Tilse and Judas Priest vocalist Rob Halford in the band Bullring Brummies, who are featured on the Nativity in Black Black Sabbath tribute album. He also played guitar on a demo for the band "Gypsy Moth" and can be found singing and playing on the Mystick Krewe of Clearlight split CD with Acid King. Both The Obsessed and Spirit Caravan have released anthology-type albums featuring rare tracks, Incarnate (1999) and The Last Embrace (2004) respectively.
Since 2009, Weinrich has been touring with the reunited Saint Vitus. It was confirmed that the band would go on to record a new album in early 2011, for a release that year.
Once released, it will be Saint Vitus' first since 1995's Die Healing and its first release with Weinrich since 1990's V. However, this plan fell through ever since, but the band plans to regroup to make the album sometime in summer 2011, after the band finishes their tour with Helmet and Crowbar.
In 2010, Weinrich also formed Premonition 13 with guitarist Jim "Sparky" Karow. Premonition 13 released their first LP in July 2011. In a Guitar World Interview he stated that his signature sounds comes from a Gibson Les Paul guitar with DiMarzio Super Distortion Pickups plugged into a Sunn model T amp. He also changes the pre and power tubes of his amps with EH and JJ ones because "It's like a fuzz box built into the amp". In 2009, Wino released via Southern Lord records his first solo album under the name Punctuated Equilibrium. From 2010 onwards, Wino's solo material consists exclusively of acoustic material.
Having released two acoustic albums so far, Adrift in 2010 and Heavy Kingdom (a collaboration with Conny Ochs) in 2012, Wino toured extensively Europe and North America as a solo artist.
Territory: Europe

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Witch Mountain (USA)

“Uta Plotkin's voice should be declared a national treasure, of the doomed nation if not the whole damn American music scene. Bluesy, ballsy, sensual, and commanding, this lady's powerful pipes make this band what it is, and when she chooses to exercise the fullness of her dizzyingly elastic range (as in, for example, her rumbling death growls on "Veil of the Forgotten"), the result is electrifying.” - Pitchfork

“Solo-prone guitarist Rob Wrong is unmistakably ‘a Hendrix acolyte,’” - SPIN
Territory: Europe

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